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New Horizons Employment Solutions


A Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business



New Horizon has placed over


Into meaningful employment opportunities, not simply jobs

Over the past


During the Covid-19 Pandemic & the downturn in the oil & gas industry here in Houston.

We have an


Retention Rate

Compared to <10% when companies ‘hire off the street’ or through conventional placement/staffing agencies

What is New Horizons?

New Horizons Employment Solutions is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business. It was created by Tom Harris, Colonel, US Army, Retired, specifically to put motivated, hard-working Americans into meaningful employment opportunities.  Our strategic focus in putting ‘returning Americans’  to work is Veterans, those with prior criminal records & those who have lost their jobs due to the downturn of the economy.

In our efforts to put Americans to work, we have discovered that businesses are struggling with a time-consuming, expensive, parallel challenge of their own — recruiting, hiring, on-boarding, training & retaining quality employees.

To address both of these complicated dilemmas, we have developed an innovative ‘win-win’ solution that provides meaningful employment opportunities for those who genuinely want to work, while simultaneously providing businesses with an untapped pipeline of motivated, dependable American employees.

Optimal Solutions for Employer Personnel Requirements

Temporary Staffing

Temporary-To-Permanent Hire

Direct Hire Services

How Does It Work?

We focus on quality not quantity, carefully screening every employee candidate:

* Comprehensive multi-level, pre-screening process

* Each employee candidate is then interviewed face-to-face for well over an hour to determine attitude, motivation, education, skills & experience in order to match them with the requirements of the job market.

* We screen out anyone not motivated, or with other problematic issues employers often have to contend with after they hire them

* We identify career opportunities, which provide long term benefits to both employers & employees. 

* We provide employees across a wide spectrum of both white & blue collar job requirements, ranging from little-to-no experience, to highly skilled/trained, in virtually any career field

Significant Advantages For Businesses:

  • New Horizons is neither typical nor conventional. We are a Specialized Employee Sourcing Company, working as the advocate for both the employee and the business owner.
  • Employees are motivated, dependable, and want to work.
  • When businesses hire directly or ‘off the street’ they are lucky if they can retain 9% of those they hire.
  • Our retention is ~81%, significantly reducing recurring, exorbitant recruiting, on-boarding, training, re-training & other expenses—as well as safety incidents.
  • Businesses that hire ex-military or recently released ex-offenders are eligible for substantial federal tax incentives, which most businesses are not even aware of.

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